Measles in Chakulia

Raiganj - 4th February 2008
The MNGO St John’s Ambulance discussed the measles outbreak at Kahalgaon village (Bidyanandapur GP of Chakulia Block). They decided to survey under 5 children at the FNGO supported sub-centre of Toriyal.
The MNGO staff met the CMOH, DMCHO later. The DMCHO requested them to do IEC for immunization in a ring of villages around Kahalgaon.
There is a statewide shortage of DPT vaccine. U Dinajpur still has some supplies. However 0.1 ml syringes for BCG have not been picked up yet. Hepatitis B is still in short supply at the state.

6th February 2008
RI Monitoring
U Dinajpur
There was a Bangla Bandh and so the CMOH office could not open. However some sub-centres ran. The Kamlabari-I GP HQ sub centre was open and the Dai and Link Volunteers were present. Vaccine was available in good condition. The HA F was present on time.
The Chotporua HSC was closed at 11.30am.
The Mirwal HSC was open. The HA F could not reach so vaccines were absent. Immunization will take place tomorrow. Dai/ link person and AWW were helping the HA M. Patients from Maheshpur and neighbouring villages came for treatment.
7th February 2008
Measles Monitoring
U Dinajpur
Chakulia- I visited the BPHC and spoke to the BMOH Dr Chinmoy Barman and the BPHN and PHN. They said that of the 77 surveyed houses in one village (Korma with 410 population) of Toriyal GP there had emerged 44 children below 5 years (and over 9 months) un-immunized with Measles. 57 were immunized there with help from the FNGO and MNGO.
Up to 600 un-immunized children are expected in this GP (the GP has 6359 population) alone.
In Bidyanandapur village (GP HQ) I met the ASHA Coordinator Raktim and staff of Amanat Foundation. They had surveyed some mohallas and found 21 children un-immunized with measles and 47 or so who were immunized. Another team was working in the neighbouring Samaspur village (which also has an HSC and neighbours Kahalgaon- where the outbreak of Measles occurred).
Toriyal has been vacant for 3 years. Samaspur is currently vacant; since the HA F has been promoted to HS F. Bidyanandapur was unattended for 2 years (2003-05) when a previous HA F took leave.
Sahapur I (Bara Sahapur of Chakulia) had a Measles outbreak in May 2005 which was reported.
Chakulia currently has 7 HA F vacancies. A request to fill this gap was submitted to the state in October 2007.
From Bidyanandapur I proceeded to D.Rampur. An building was constructed here by the Zilla Parishad in 2003. It is used once a month. The Pradhan has been asking that it be used at least once a week. The HA F had hired a Maruti and proceeded to Bhabanigaon. We met her with her Link Volunteers and Dai at the Primary School. They had immunized 20 children, of whom about 7 received Measles. However we also met Monika, a 3 year old with fever and cold. This child had not received Measles vaccine. We advised the HA F to actively seek un-immunized children in this village. It is only 2km from Rampur or Kahalgaon, but the road winds for 5 km along the River Pitauni.
Goagaon GP of Lodhan neighbours this village. Goagaon II has a border with Bangladesh.
We turned south from Goagaon and crossed Konatola before entering Karandighi Block. Here we visited Nichamari Mission near Damdama High School (Bazargaon II GP). The mission has 300 hostelites. Around 8 of them had measles last week and were sent home.

Vacancies of HA F, PHN
Supply of 0.1ml Syringes, Hepatitis B, DPT
Annual List of National and clinic Holidays– with alternate Vaccination Day

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