Behrampore District Hospital

Yusuf Kabir and I visited this hospital on 10th October. It is an old building with a children's ward with 25 sanctioned beds and enough staff for this number of patients. There are on an average 70 children admitted here with their mothers. This number increased to 148 on 3rd October when there was an outbreak of pneumonia following a few days of rain. Sick Newborns from the Matri Sadan (which has an average of 50 births a day) were also kept in the same ward. The acute crowding was resolved on the 5th when a new ward space was created downstairs and some children were shifted to a closed verandah above an ICU. The ADM Health , Deputy CMOH I (Dr Santra) and Swasthya Karmadhyaksha (Mrs Jyotsna Sen) requested help to permanently increase the number of children's beds in the hospital. There is also a need to prevent seepage and improve the structure in the Children's Ward. There is another hospital area (New General Hospital) which houses surgical patients and Blood Bank. Along with Md Samaun (District Extender WBSISC) and Abhijit Lahiri (District Coordinator TSC) we met the Deputy Superintendent, who was running the Out Patient services there. We later visited Nadia, where a Sick Newborn Care Unit is being set up.

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