Children are Hungry

Rama Paharia, S/o Bandra Paharia & Jabri Paharia M-1, Sidler (Upar Tola)Panchayat: Bara Sindri, PO-Chandna, Sundarpahari, Godda-814153,Jharkhand (Photograph taken on 24.10.2008 with permission of parents)

--- On Fri, 24/10/08, Soumik Banerjee <> wrote: Dear Haldharji, Please find photo of 1 year old Rama Paharia of Sundarpahari, Godda who is severely malnourished weight 5.5 kg in Grade 3. The family has AAY card but says they have lifted grains only 3 times in 3 years. Their card was given as mortgagefor Rs 100 to one Phaguram Paharia of the same village whohas not returned thje card since then as the family failed to pay back Rs 100. ICDS does not function in the village in spite of regular fund release.When taken to PHC no medicines were given and refered to Sadar Hospital-Godda. We provided Horlicks & Vitamin syrup. She did not havethe money to pay for the same. THere are many such examplesand there is NOTHING anybody is doing about them. We are also at a loss as what to do and where to take up such isues ? No one seems to realise or understand such issues or do anything substantial.Wherever such things are raised locally there is only discouragement. In another case a 1 month old child was given 3 tablets of Ciprofloxacin 250 mg & 3 tablets of Resule CC and was asked to buy Canesten Cream from the market on reporting a fungal infection. How can a 1 month old child take tablets that too Ciprofloxacin ?? when they along with the Sahiya went back to ask for syrup they were told there is no syrup and asked to leave. She had to take medicines worth Rs 30 from the market.
Child's Name: Chandi Paharin, S/o Maghe Paharia, F -1 month, Sahapi (Bara Tola) Sundarpahari, Godda, Jharkhand. Regards Soumik
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