Rama Improves

Rama weighed 6.25 kg on 11th November. He has gained 750 grams. He is seen here with his parents at the PRADAN office in Sundarpahari


PRAGYAN said...

Happy to have a follower like you in our blog. I'll go through the pages of your blog. In fact I've gone a little and it has increased my interest. It would have been better if I would have get the follower button here. I didn't felt easy to join in Jharkahnad Network. Anyway, I'm inviting you to join in my personal blog 'Sushanta' . You will get it in the followers box of Pragyan.

Prabir said...

Thanks. Have added a follower box. Meanwhile do glance at Prabir 2009 http://karnajora.blogspot.com and the new Prabir http://prabirkc1.blogspot.com