Amader Hospital at Phulberia

Bankura is one of the most economically backward Districts in West Bengal, India. The town of Bankura, which has a hospital, is about 30 KM away from Phulberia and there are very poor transport facilities. There was no qualified doctor in 10 sq KM. The nearest metalled road is about 4 KM away.

Milestone-I(Completed in April 2007)
a) Selection of the site: Foundation for Health Action wanted to start the project in an economically and socially backward area where healthcare is hard to come by. After long search, FHA zeroed in on Phulberia. The area is primarily inhabited by tribal and low caste people who can hardly afford two square meals a day, cannot give their children any education worth the name. The quality of life in this semi-arid, one crop area with no industry or job opportunities is deplorable to put it mildly.
b) Acquiring a small plot of land : FHA have bought about 7 acres of fallow land for a Hospital cum Training Center, a hostel for the trainees, an out-patient clinic and residential quarters for doctors and paramedical staffs.

Milestone-II (Completed in February, 2008)
a) Water supply : The area is arid and water is scarce. FHA dug a 8-ft wide dug well in July 2007 for the construction work of the hospital and the training center and the inmates.
b) Greening of the project area has been started in a modest way with an eye on both economic and ecological objectives.
c) Housing: A modest residential house for doctors with accommodation for guests
d) Electrification: Electrical connection obtained in March 2008. An alternative source of power supply such an old diesel generator has been purchased to get round the problem of power cuts for long hours.

Milestone –III
Outdoor Clinic and one class room for trainees with a hall for waiting patients was opened to the public in October 2008. Dr PK Sarkar is the first doctor.

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